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Credit Factory


Providing low-cost financial services to Kenya's most vulnerable and excluded citizens

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What is the urgent social or environmental need you are addressing?

Kenya’s social development and economic growth is crippled by usurious interest rates and financial practices offered by the formal sector (banks and MFIs) that stifle the hopes, the dreams and the potential of Kenya’s citizens – that is, 80% of the country’s population (36 million smallholder farmers).


What is your solution to this need? Describe your business strategy

Credit Factory provides the key to unlock economic inequality for millions upon millions of Kenya’s hardworking citizens. We’re a new breed of financial enterprise that makes financial products affordable and transparent by dramatically reducing interest rates and customizing products for our clientele.


Convince us it will work. What milestones have you achieved?

Credit Factory seeks to disrupt the practice and behavior of the financial services industry in Kenya by proving that it’s possible to deliver affordable finance to the majority of Kenya’s citizens and be profitable…like Uber by leveraging passion, experience, technology and know-how.


Mark Rostal
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Benson Njiru
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Operations Manager
Linda Kagota
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Gender and Youth Equity

About Mark Rostal

Mark is a long-time DAI staff employee and he's worked in the finance and banking industry for approximately 30 years. He's a proven leader and manager with P&L experience. Throughout his career, he's established himself as an important innovator in financial product design, consulting and institutional development. He’s lived and worked in Kenya since 2004

About Benson Njiru

Benson Njiru has worked on the USAID-funded FIRM project (managed by DAI) since 2011 as a Partnership Specialist where he focused on innovation in the financial services space. Prior to joining FIRM, he worked for Barclays and NIC Bank

About Linda Kagota

Linda Kagota has worked for DAI on two USAID-funded projects since 2009 (Kenya Access to Rural Finance and Financial Inclusion for Rural Microenterprises). She currently manages FIRM’s technical delivery: financial services (agriculture, micro-energy and WASH), Development Credit Loan Guarantee program, policy, county devolution, SME energy (1-50 MW, monitoring and evaluation, and communications. Prior to joining DAI, Linda worked on the Gates-funded coffee program and Barclays Bank

Why is your team uniquely qualified to run this venture?

Both Benson and Mark have experience working in the banking sector. Mark has worked in SME and microfinance industry for over 25 years also managed start-ups in the industry, bringing them to full economic sustainability. Benson is a lending specialist and was a leader in sourcing and nurturing exciting innovations in the agriculture arena in the past.