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Duma Works


Connecting youth in Kenya to jobs with a social, SMS-based platform and helping companies grow with an easy recruiting portal.

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What is the urgent social or environmental need you are addressing?

Small & medium enterprises (SMEs) in Africa, responsible for 65% of new jobs created per year, have no access to a recruiting solution that is local, fast, and delivers qualified candidates. At the same time, job seekers, especially youth, lack access to job opportunities because they do not know how to present themselves and their skills to employers, do not understand their professional strengths, and do not learn about fitting job opportunities.


What is your solution to this need? Describe your business strategy

DUMA gives SMEs the recruiting tools they need through network recruiting (preserving trust through referral- based job matching), accessibility (not limited by Internet access), and quality control (through customizable screening tests). With DUMA, companies can easily filter, screen, and hire candidates in under 1 week to grow their team and company. Simultaneously, DUMA gives job seekers from all backgrounds a platform to discover and successfully apply for job opportunities. DUMA’s mobile-based technology helps job seekers create CVs, receive relevant job alerts, and take sector-specific screening tests. With youth unemployment in Africa at 24 million, job seekers desperately need a platform to access opportunities, and DUMA gives them that.


Convince us it will work. What milestones have you achieved?

DUMA has hired for over 250 SMEs in Kenya, has a 90% placement success rate, and gets an average of 3 referrals per employer. Currently, DUMA has a job seeker network of over 19,000 members, and is growing rapidly. DUMA is a smarter job marketplace, designed for the unique needs of companies and professionals in developing markets. DUMA has already matched over 2,000 people to jobs in Kenya, and has screened over 7,000 people.


Arielle Sandor
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Co-founder + CEO
Linus Lennstrand
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About Arielle Sandor

I serve as cofounder and CEO at Duma Works and am responsible for partnership creation, communications and PR, and fundraising. I started DUMA because I had spent time in Kenya during university working with incredibly talented youth and noticed that because they lacked internet connectivity and professional savvy, they could not connect to jobs. I wanted to make sure they could connect to jobs in a meaningful way, so I moved to Kenya in 2012, right after graduating from Princeton. I began working with a team to build our platform and community of people dedicated to changing the way hiring in Africa works through building a smarter job marketplace. It’s been an incredible journey so far and I feel very lucky that Duma Works is now part of the Unreasonable family.

About Linus Lennstrand

With a solid background in developing consumer facing products online, I have spent the last 13 years building everything from real estate search engines to online dating sites. In 2013 I quit my job in Stockholm and moved to Kenya with my family in search of something new. I am now the CTO and Head of Product at Duma Works, where I try to combine my different experiences into building the best job matching platform in the world. That means anything from coaching the team to find smart and fun ways to work to hiring more awesome people and riding around Nairobi on my motorbike, talking to customers.

Why is your team uniquely qualified to run this venture?

DUMA has grown into an incredible team of 10 people, all possessing unique qualifications. We are 2 expats and 8 Kenyans. Some of us are product developers, some designers, some marketers and trainers, some customer care, and all very proud job-matchmakers.

We have built up DUMA from its original office in a small compound without running water in Nakuru, Kenya, to the bustling company it is today. We have gone from living on under $3 a day to better understand members of the labor market, to explaining the job market to foreign research teams and consultants. We have grown from asking hotel owners endless questions about their hiring process to advising new hotel owners what types of employees they need.

We all speak Kiswahili and English in the office, and have built an incredible network of supporters and customers both locally and internationally. The positive results we have seen with product-market fit, incredible feedback we receive from customers, and unified atmosphere in the office speak for themselves in terms of ability of this team to tackle the challenge of creating jobs through effective job matching successfully.