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Miti Health


Increasing efficiency of East African pharmaceutical supply chains and access to high-quality medications with technology solutions.

$3,175 Raised out of $4,000
-850 Days Remaining

What is the urgent social or environmental need you are addressing?

For many reasons, including stockouts and long lines in the public healthcare system, convenience, and affordability, residents across East Africa often go to private sector chemists and pharmacies as their first point of care when seeking healthcare treatment. However, the medications sold from these outlets are often of questionable quality, with counterfeits and substandard drugs accounting for an estimated 20-45% of the total. This can lead to delays in treatment and antibiotic drug resistance.


What is your solution to this need? Describe your business strategy

Miti Health’s software helps pharmacies track their business and orders and know who gives them good medication. Their platform includes everything chemists need to manage the business end of their shops, including inventory and supply chain management. Miti Health also facilitates purchasing and financing of tablets and partners with drug suppliers and manufacturers to verify drug quality and improve the overall medication supply chain.


Convince us it will work. What milestones have you achieved?

Based on extensive market research with Kenyan pharmacies, Miti Health has built solutions that specifically match pharmacies’ workflows at prices they can afford. Fifteen chemist shops in Kenya and Tanzania are currently licensing the software, paying a monthly subscription fee for access to improved business intelligence, with new chemists signed up each week.


Jessica Vernon
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Managing Director
Jennifer Stutsman
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East Africa Director

About Jessica Vernon

Jessica guides overall strategy and direction, including recruiting, development and operations. While previously working with IPA's safe water program, she led fast-moving teams and built Android-based products as the program grew from 2,000 to 400,000 users. She has also consulted on healthcare program implementation while with McKinsey & Company in the U.S.

About Jennifer Stutsman

Jennifer leads operations and business development. This includes marketing to chemists, onboarding them rapidly, providing customer support, advising on product, and building strategic local partnerships. Jennifer has experience in the public, private, and social sectors - she served as a senior official in the Obama Administration for 4 years, led marketing for a U.S.-based startup, and oversaw Rwandan operations and business development for MASS Design.

Why is your team uniquely qualified to run this venture?

Miti Health is working to address an incredibly complex issue that touches on healthcare, technology, public policy, and supply chain management, and they have built a team with considerable expertise in each of these areas. Jessica worked with UCSF delivering healthcare programs and with IPA scaling field operations; Tammy established Jacaranda Health's initial business practices; Mike previously worked as a Google software engineer; Jennifer served in the Obama Administration before working in East Africa; and Nick managed complex supply chains for Mobius Motors.