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Aryodi Bee Farm


Increasing Ugandan smallholder incomes through beekeeping training and value-add honey production.

$900 Raised out of $3,000
-850 Days Remaining

What is the urgent social or environmental need you are addressing?

The LRA civil war in Northern Uganda displaced over 1.5million people to displaced camps. The region still struggles from lack of income, low crops yields, deforestation and the threats of global warming. 80% of the Ugandan population is low-income subsistence farmers. They account for the lowest paid workers in Uganda, and many crops provide a very low profit margin. In addition, getting crops effectively to market is burdensome. Farmers are commonly lacking fair and reliable markets.


What is your solution to this need? Describe your business strategy

Aryodi runs a bee farm with all types of beehives and has a bee keeping training and resource center that conducts mentoring, entrepreneurship development and business skills training. They work with 1,850 out growers (smallholder farmers) to buy all their honey products for value addition and marketing.


Convince us it will work. What milestones have you achieved?

Promoting honey production combats poverty on many levels, not only are income generating activities created along the value chain, but local agriculture outputs are increased through cross pollination by the bees, biodiversity is enhanced, and the community can enjoy the health benefits of high quality honey as food and medicine. After the upfront investment, beekeeping is low-cost and high-production, allowing farmers to earn a sustainable living wage. Aryodi has worked with 1,850 smallholder farmers, 45% of which are now earning their living from honey production.


Robert Okodia
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Founder + CEO
Rebecca Akullo
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About Robert Okodia

Robert is responsible for Aryodi’s strategic planning, business development and fundraising. He holds a diploma in Agriculture and a certificate Entrepreneurship development. His past experience is in active agriculture and food security, health education, advocacy, and environmental conservation and management. He is actively engaged in various business training opportunities.

About Rebecca Akullo

Rebecca is Aryodi’s administrator and accountant. In addition, she leads the company’s marketing and sales and women development. Rebecca has experience working with smallholder farmers and is passionate about women in agriculture and rural development.

Why is your team uniquely qualified to run this venture?

The Aryodi team is self-driven, motivated, innovative, creative and passionate with over 10 years’ experience in improving livelihoods. ARYODI team boasts of a wealth with experienced and practical staffs in applied technical farming, changing mind sets of small holder farmers in northern Uganda, they that have initiated projects and succeeded in rural communities of Uganda and abroad. ARYODI teams have received many award, certificate of excellence in entrepreneurship development, and through their hard work have earned multiple business opportunity. The company is led by young oriented business men who are passionate and committed to developing this apiculture sector into a top regional dealer.