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Bicycles Against Poverty


Linking rural Ugandan populations to goods, services, and additional revenue sources through lease-to-own bicycles.

$4,000 Raised out of $5,000
-850 Days Remaining

What is the urgent social or environmental need you are addressing?

Over 75% of rural Ugandans travel by walking. With over 34 million Ugandans, this equates to millions of farmers not getting their crops to market, children not getting to the health center in time, and women wasting hours per day collecting clean water. Furthermore, lack of affordable transportation contributes to food and nutrition crises (ACF).

Additionally, most Ugandans, live at least: -3 miles to a clean water source -5 miles to a basic health facility -6 miles to a market.

Sparse resources available combined with lack of affordable means to get access to basic resources, creates a systemic issue for Ugandans.


What is your solution to this need? Describe your business strategy

Lease-to-own bicycles for rural farmers.

Bicycles Against Poverty makes transportation easier and more affordable for those living in remote villages in Sub-Saharan Africa by distributing bicycles on a lease-to-own business model. Bicycles are helpful to get to jobs, school, markets and health centers.


Convince us it will work. What milestones have you achieved?

Bicycles increase income by at least 30% in Uganda (ITDP) and market attendance nearly triples after owning a bicycle (BAP surveys).

BAP developed sustainable transportation solution in rural areas. As opposed to the used bicycles that are given away for free by NGOs, BAP’s bicycles are Ugandan produced and have a carrier on the back for another person or belongings. To date, BAP has sold over 1,000 bicycles, which have generated an estimated $90,000 of extra income for the farmers who ride them.


Molly Burke
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Co-Founder + Executive Director
Kathryn Dutile
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Program Coordinator
Joshua Oballim
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Field Assistant

About Molly Burke

Molly works across all areas of BAP, with a specific focus on team management, strategy, program implementation, fundraising, and marketing/branding. She has skills in team-building, and experience in project implementation.

About Prisca Akello

Prisca has over six years experience working in Ugandan communities. Most of her time has been spent with NGOs on project management and implementation, but, most recently she worked for an asset-financing organization focusing on improved seeds. She commands a dynamic presence when in the community

About Kathryn Dutile

Kathryn’s background is in international development, including experience in education in China. Her personality and skillset make her a perfect team member to focus on utilizing participatory approaches to improve BAP operations, ensuring that stakeholders are involved in decision-making for adjusted or new procedures.

About Joshua Oballim

Joshua is a quick strategic thinker who is able to multitask field operations and program planning. Joshua is in charge of ensuring all community-based loan managers are on top of their repayments. He is passionate about working in Ugandan communities and this, combined with his adaptability and quick thinking, adds significant value to the growing team.

Why is your team uniquely qualified to run this venture?

Molly brings forward a strong entrepreneurial spirit, skills in team-building, and experience in project implementation. She has successfully recruited diverse staff, Board of Directors, and supporters who are all passionate about moving BAP to the global scale.

Building on the foundation of the organization, Prisca Akello uses both her NGO and for-profit experience to add more structure and procedures to the growing organization.

Simultaneously, Kathryn Dutile and Joshua Oballim are focusing their time on improving loan recovery policies that involve discussions from our clients themselves—ensuring that stakeholders have a seat at the table, too.

BAP’s team is passionate about ensuring we don’t waste anyone else’s time as we implement our program and, as a result, we’re uniquely qualified to effectively analyse and involve stakeholders who will help us adjust accordingly.